2013 Sitzler Gallery at Araluen, Alice Springs, NT 

Commentary by Amarie Bergman, 2011

‘Deciphering the matrix of connectivity between the Earth and the source of consciousness is paramount to Carole Driver. She presents the transference of her experiences with natural life forms into the medium of art. There is a poetic lightness in her work, as if she were in the centre of a mandorla between an absolute dichotomy of evanescence and stillness.  


The creamy, almost- translucent shapes, attached to tensile spirals become animated by the slightest current of air, as if the botanical entities had just arrived, quivering, from a parallel universe where the light of geometric perfection haloes every newborn entrancement.’


Note by the artist

Phytomorphs explore the essence of the diversity of form which can be found across the vast spectrum of Australian flora. Each sculpture is approximately 15cm high, and made of polymer clay and silver wire.