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Bright Birds Singing
2022 Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre, NSW, Australia

Artist's Statement

There is a place near here where time stands still. Where the age old earth bones covered in ochre dust are lightly touched by the play of flora and fauna.

Grey knarly trees erupt every now and then through pale grass and purple thistle. The shadows of roo mobs flit through copses and over the lines of fences. Sometimes larger beasts cast darker shadows - horses, bull, cows - not always there when the grass grows paler.

Overall the fleeting colour blue - often blue - with great orange pink clouds at times - and then the dark - enveloping all sound, clear, iridescent, twinkling the only guide on black horizon.

This overall is full of sound- a delicate tracery over the deep silence of the land. There are high tweetings, shrieks and cawing, melodic scales and peeps - great choruses of bright birds singing.


The meetings, joining and lives here have a mythic quality of layers of story upon story, archetypal fusions of human and beast, plant and person- no difference - all is life. 

This is Kayuga, but also anywhere in this old land.

Listing in Art Guide Australia

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