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1989 Burnaby Art Gallery, British Columbia, Canada

Artist's statement

This series of two and three dimensional forms may be seen as an attempt

to explore and express archetypal energies.


The two dimensional forms are structurally based on human proportion. The geometric shapes within the forms correspond to relationships between the centres of energy within the human body.


The three dimensional forms suggest a further development into manifestation. These forms are more recognizable as human or elemental archetypes.

‘Archetypes, were, and are, living psychic forces that demand to be taken seriously, and they have a strange way of making sure of their effect. Always they were the bringers of protection and salvation and their violation has as its consequence ’the perils of the soul.’

C.G. Jung  The Psychology of the Child Archetype


‘When an artist is graced with admission to the divine world, he there apprehends the archetypes in their invisible, ineffable essence, then he comes back into this world, and at the border, certain images gather around him; they are attracted, there is an affinity between them and the vibrations to which the artist is still responding: they are the right, proper symbols.’

Elemire Zolla  The Uses of Imagination and the Decline of the West

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