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Meetings at an Edge

Sculpture 10, Incinerator Art Space, 2011

Alison Clark, Curator

Carole Driver’s clay figurines are the result of a life-long passion for dance and a desire to make ‘magical environments’. Each figure has been carefully modelled to create a sense of motion, resulting in a marvelous rhythmic patterning. This reflects Driver's concern with the formal sculptural qualities of mass, balance and movement.


Note by the Artist

There are several bodies of work under the Dance category, they include:-

  • Dance, 2007, an installation for the Australian Ceramics Association Biennale, Manly Art Gallery 

  • Meetings at an Edge, 2011, Incinerator Art Space, Sculpture 10

  • Dance of the Earth, 2011, Incinerator Art Space, A Love Affair With Harold

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