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Wild Edges

2001 PCL Exhibitionists Gallery, Sydney.

Artist's statement

Green leaves upon a tree, one leaf golden orange in the sun, hanging downward like a red heart.

When we describe a walk in the wild lands, we describe what fascinates and enchants us. An experience that enables us to contemplate form, colour and

texture in a way that does not require that we interact dynamically with, but can rather absorb and become part of, in a slower manner. We let our own edges and delineations melt into the world around us until there is no longer the perception of separation. The body of work that comprises Wild Edges metaphorically explores this experience- an experience of transformation- using the device of the hybrid, and the symbolism of the organic and human forms comprising each particular work.


The concept of the hybrid- the combination of two species- can be seen in the mythology of many cultures. For example: angels are humans with bird wings; they combine the qualities of the human being with the symbolism of flying, to become more than human. The Green Man in British and European mythology was a combination of plant and human form, and this is the archetype that the forms in Wild Edges are closest to. The meaning of the symbolism of the Green Man is the unity between man and nature. The forms in my work are influenced by my environment and would thus have an Australian flavour, though the symbolism would have meaning in many other cultures.


I have chosen to use natural materials throughout this work; every material has its own story. Some of the techniques are experimental, and in the case of the bronzes - where I have done the foundry work myself — very labour intensive. The physical work and the natural materials give rise to a sense of meditative calm when working; perhaps this resonance will impart a sense of quietude in the viewer.

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