Origin: Volcano Goddess Emerges

2016 Waiclay National Ceramic Exhibition, Waikato Museum, Hamilton, NZ.

Artist's Statement

Origin is an artwork composed of two parts: a wall-hung screened video and a small installation on a plinth.

  • The short looped video 'Volcano Goddess Emerges' shows a black, sand-covered raw clay figure emerging from a tidal clay bed. The figure immerses, melts and emerges again from the waves in a regular pattern.

  • The plinth based forms are small Platonic solids of fired clay- black, crusty and variegated in appearance. They are piled as a heap of rubble on black sand.



The scientific hypothesis that life could have originated in clay is hinted at here, with primal form symbolized by the Platonic solids. The goddess-like figure in the video - emerging from and submerging into the sea - together with the Platonic solids, symbolize the development of life from simple form to the complexity of human experience.

See the making site for Volcano Goddess

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